Community Arts

Joseph May  - Director and clown "This is beyond Circus and into physical theatre. Oooh I so wish I could have been involved,  Just from these pics I get a feel for how charming and imaginative it was! Please pass on my utmost respect to all the cast and crew."
A response from the images of "The fair ground of fishy feats" show on social media.
The family Labonche

BBC - Family LaBonche Project

"Fairground of Fantastical Fishy Feats" - A circus theatre show based on the book "The boy who swam with pirañas" written by David Almond
I've been heavily involved in community arts projects since the beginning of my career. 
These projects vary from big story telling productions to pieces aimed at tackling society's challenges.
My roles within these projects cover a wide range of responsibilities such as performer, actor, acrobat, dancer, animator, musician, co-ordinator, director, and writer, youth leader, and researcher.
The womens voices project.  A project aiming to tell the stories of hundreds of women and their expiriences with domestic abuse based in North East England.

David Almond , Author of "The boy who swam with pirañas"- It was wonderful to see how my story was so beautifully recreated. Circus is a wonderful form for this story. The show was really well put together. The skills of Hannah and her colleagues were breathtaking, and lifted the story right off the page.

On Screen

As well as acting, dancing and presenting I portray animals and creatures
I try to apply as much of my skill set I can within the film projects I've worked on. This has been utilised most through the art of motion capture, a way in which the movements created by the body translate directly into a virtual character. I've worked with students, independent film makers, leading film companies and studios such as Warner Bros., Ealing Studios and The Imaginarium.

The Ritual (2017) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5638642/ - MODA -Motion Capture Artist.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier team with Steve Knieblhey and Andy Serkis.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier (2017, Video Game) OAKA - Motion Capture Actor.

Mid take on the quads, Ape Work. On set Ealing Studios.

Holy Moly & The Crackers - A punk called peter, Music video 2016

Holy Moly & The Crackers - Let it go, Music video 2017


I'd say I'm most comfortable when I'm on stage or watching a great show.
Circus theatre for me is a perfect mixture of art forms. Through circus theatre you're able to break through a wall within the imagination in order to bring audiences closer to the world that's been created on stage.
"Body Parts"
"Body Parts"
"Body Parts"
"Body Parts"
The Canning Factory
Fairground Scene
When Pancho swims with Pirhanas.
"The Moon"
The Moon and Pancho
Fishy Family Photo
"The Family LaBonche"
Family La bonche "Hook a Duck"
What's the meaning of light?
3 high
Thor and Prof.Einstein
Prof. Mol.e
Light Family
Guard ye man weel.
Tunnel vison
Hard at work.
Call the bell
Working Load